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What we do


European universities aim to support, for the benefit of all, the continued development of the culture, society, technology and economy of Europe. Our vision of European universities of the future is that of a system of academic institutions with highly diversified profiles, providing a wide spectrum of graduate qualifications and facilitating the mobility of staff and students. This is only possible through promoting autonomous institutions, able to define their own strategy and build partnerships in their own best interests. 

EUA fully upholds the values and principles enshrined in the Magna Charta Universitatum, signed in Bologna in 1988 by 388 rectors of universities worldwide.

Mission and Activities

As a centre of expertise in higher education and research, EUA supports universities by:

  • Promoting European policies that will strengthen universities' role in the development of Europe's knowledge society
  • Promoting networking opportunities among national rectors' conferences, national organisations and national associations
  • By enhancing visibility of European universities globally
  • Influencing key decision makers at European, national and regional levels
  • Informing members about policy debates impacting their development
  • Developing universities' knowledge and expertise through projects that involve and benefit individual institutions while also underpinning policy development
  • Strengthening the governance, leadership and management of institutions through mutual learning, exchange of experience and the transfer of best practices
  • Enhancing the international dimension of universities through improved cooperation among its members and in particular by establishing dialogue with partner organisations in other world regions.

European University Association (EUA)

Brussels office:
Avenue de l’Yser, 24
1040 Brussels
Tel: +32 (0) 2 230 55 44

Geneva office:
114, Rue du Rhône
Case postale 3174
1211 Geneva 3
Tel: +41 22 552 02 96