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SDG_logo_with_UN_Emblem_square_rgbAs an Association dedicated to international cooperation, it is natural that EUA is a part of the global agenda for sustainable development as formulated in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Universities contribute to all of the goals through research and education in all the fields. Particularly in a complex, developed context like Europe, it is essential that the SDGs rest on knowledge about the issues in terms of new research and citizens with an education based on research. Likewise, the SDGs need strong societal actors like universities to bring them forward.

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quality education

Education is crucial for the realisation of the SDGs overall as well as a Goal in itself. EUA works for quality education for all, facilitating debates and sharing about the structures and ideas that ensure the best provision for Europe’s students and (other) lifelong learners: opening flexible learning paths for people in the workforce, and upgrading and reorienting skills and careers in response to rapidly changing societal needs.

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Industry Innovation Infrastructure

Sustainable development is dependent on knowledge. Universities provide deep insights to human society and the world around us; they are working intensively with businesses and civil society in the creation of new knowledge and new ways of applying it. EUA promotes this by highlighting the role of universities as providers of new knowledge and as vital partners throughout society, and in particular ensuring that research is open.

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Affordable and Clean Energy

EUA is supporting its members in research and education in the field of energy through the Uni-SET project

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Gender EqualityReduced inequalities

EUA is working to ensure that its members have the best possibilities to include all that wish to join a university as a student of staff in a way that respects diversity and fosters inclusion.

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Sustainable cities and communities

Universities are closely connected to their regions, and they play a crucial role for education, innovation, culture and civic life in their local community. EUA supports this role through its work on regional ‘smart specialisation’ and innovation ecosystems.

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In order to fulfil their mission, universities need to have an enabling legal framework to make them strong institutions, particularly institutional autonomy and sufficient funding. EUA is working in both areas, monitoring European trends.

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European universities are part of the larger family of universities around the world, and EUA is actively promoting dialogue on all continents, working for an inclusive global higher education and research community.

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