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How to enhance European higher education and provide better education to its increasing and more diverse studentship? What are the European and global trends that are transforming learning and teaching? What are the supporting frameworks and conditions European universities require in order to respond?

EUA believes in the added value of addressing these and other issues in a European context. Therefore it actively supports the development of the European Higher Education Area, through the Bologna Process, and in dialogue with the European Union and its policies and programmes. In close collaboration with its members in 48 European countries and European and international partners, it contributes to policy development and facilitates spread of institutional good practice.

This comprises a wider range of issues which are of central importance for the EHEA and its universities, such as quality assurance, mobility, lifelong learning, student tracking and employability, recognition, also of professional qualifications, which falls into the competences of the EU and international trade agreements.

EUA is monitoring developments in the area of learning and teaching, including digitalisation and MOOCs.

In order to ensure Europe’s global connectivity, and to keep abreast of global higher education development trends, EUA is in continued dialogue with partners outside of Europe. Early on it has pushed for a global dimension of European higher education, building a joint European approach and strategy for international collaboration, supporting institutional internationalisation development and promoting and explaining European higher education to its global partners.

Please click here for EUA’s work on the European dimension in Research and the European Research Area.

resized_300_EUA_Trends_2015_Cover Trends

Institutional perspectives on learning and teaching in European Universities

EUA_Cover E_Learning E-Learning

Innovative learning and teaching widening access to different types of learners

lying_european_rgb EHEA

European higher education policies and the Bologna Process

ELTForumEUA Learning & Teaching Initiative

Peer-learning and shaping policies on learning and teaching in European universities

EUA_Cover_ErasmusErasmus +

Erasmus+ mid-term review: EUA members have their say

Brexit  Brexit and European
  Higher Education

 EUA monitors Brexit's impact on higher education and initiates related advocacy activities.

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